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turbotax billing supportTurboTax is the most popular and highly reliable tax preparation software currently being used by millions of users across the world. Developed by Intuit, Inc., the tax preparation software helps you e-file your taxes without any hassle. From filling in the information, filing your taxes to receiving the return, everything can be done in minutes, even if you don't have any idea before. One of the biggest key points that is aiding the company take this software at number one position is that 24*7 customer support.
Other exclusive features of TurboTax that makes it a preferred choice of the customers include accuracy, automatic updating the tax laws, automatic importing of your W-2 information, simple tracking of your tax refund, automatically reviews every minor and major detail, and complete coverage in case of audit. You can download and install this software by following some simple steps. But before you follow them, make sure your system meets the minimum specifications required to download the software.

  1. Quit all the running applications
    • You can also turn off the firewall and the antivirus installed on your device as they may interrupt downloading or installation of the software (Remember to turn them on after the successful installation of this software)
  2. Now, visit TurboTax official website
  3. Download the TurboTax software by creating an account first
  4. By double-clicking the downloaded file, launch the installer
  5. Wait till the installation finishes
  6. You can now use the software

If you have purchased this tax preparation software from an authorized retail store and want to download and install it on your computer system then follow these steps:

  1. Insert the CD into your computer's CD/DVD drive and the installation will start automatically
  2. If it doesn't, follow steps from 3rd onwards
  3. Press the Windows + R key together to open the Run window
  4. Hit Browse and then place the software's CD in your CD/DVD drive
  5. Double-click the installation file (setup.exe) to initiate the installation
  6. Hit Ok to launch the installer
  7. Wait until the installation finishes
  8. It's good to go!

While launching the installer or following the steps for downloading this tax preparation software, if you face any error simply contact TurboTax customer service number. The technician team working for providing the most reliable support services will be glad to assist you.

Possible Errors You May Face

  • TurboTax tax e-filing error
  • TurboTax IRS rejection from the state tax agency or IRS error
  • Unable to access certain features of TurboTax
  • TurboTax online charging for e-filing errors
  • TurboTax quarterly voucher payments errors
  • TurboTax income tax and tax refund related issues
  • TurboTax quarterly voucher payment errors
  • TurboTax underpayment penalty errors
  • Issues with TurboTax optimize pension splitting
  • TurboTax downloading and installation errors
  • TurboTax un-installation or re-installation errors
  • TurboTax 529 distribution errors and tax calculation errors

Even if your error has not been mentioned above, reach out to TurboTax toll-free number and get an instant resolution by an expert.

How TurboTax Customer Support Services Work?

TurboTax understands this fact that a user may need help or face an error anytime with the software. Therefore, it offers round-the-clock customer support services. So, whenever you feel like you are unable to access any of the TurboTax features, dial TurboTax toll-free number. A technician will respond to your call within an average wait time of 60 seconds.
The technician will ask you about the problem you are facing with the software and then tell the troubleshooting steps. If the problem still occurs, the technician will take your permission for establishing the remote online connection, which helps in finding out the root cause of the issue. Using the highly advanced software, the technician then troubleshoots the error. So, don't let any error trouble you, simply call TurboTax customer support number and get the issue resolved in seconds.

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