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avast supportThe rapid increase in the number of virus attacks and other online threats has led to a big hike in demand for security solutions and antivirus software. Without an antivirus protection, your device (Windows, Mac, Android or iOS) may be vulnerable to various risks or dangers. To cope with this situation, Avast software has offered a plethora of internet security solutions for Windows, Mac or Mobile Devices.

Keeping in view the diverse requirements, Avast antivirus provides tailor-made solutions for consumers and businesses. All its antivirus software offer endpoint protection, complete network protection and have other exciting features. While purchasing or using the Avast products, if you find any trouble, call its customer support number, which remains active for 24*7.

The customer support team offers an instant solution for every error that occurs during its download, installation, activation or use of this antivirus. Various antivirus software Avast offers are:

  • Windows- Ultimate, Premier, Internet Security, Free Antivirus
  • Mac- Security for Mac
  • Android- Mobile Security
  • iPhone/iPad- SecureLine VPN, SecureMe, Passwords

It also offers a variety of internet security tools such as Wi-Fi Finder, Photo Space, Call Blocker, SecureLine VPN, Passwords and more to ensure further protection of your devices. Be it for Windows, Mac or your mobile device, all Avast antivirus software needs to be first purchased and then download, install and activate. Without following these three processes, the antivirus will not be able to protect your device.

Steps to Purchase

You can purchase any Avast antivirus either from its official website or from any third-party website. To buy the antivirus online, follow these steps:

  • Visit www.avast.com and choose any product from Home or Business category
    • You can also check out bundle deals if you want the antivirus protection for multiple PCs
  • Click on it and then click Buy Now
  • You will be now redirected to Shopping Cart page
  • Provide the customer Information, i.e. your information along with the payment method
  • Make the payment through credit cards, debit cards, Netbanking, prepaid cards and wallets, and mobile payment methods
  • It's done!

To buy it from any third-party, simply visit that website and then follow their purchase process. If you find any issue during the purchase, simply contact Avast toll-free number and get an instant resolution by a certified technician.

Steps to Download

  • Once the purchase finishes, log in to your Avast account by providing the registered email ID and password
  • Create a new account, if you are a new user
  • Now, you will be asked to provide your 25-character Avast product key
    • Redeem it from your registered email ID (online purchase)
    • Redeem it from the CD (offline purchase)
  • From the list of the products, choose the antivirus or the security software you have purchased
  • Click Download and wait until the process finishes

While downloading if you face any issue, call Avast customer support number and get an instant help!

Steps to Install

Steps for installing the antivirus depend on the browser you are using:

  • Click Run or double-click the downloaded setup file
  • This will begin the installation
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Wait until the installation finishes

During the entire process of installation, if you encounter any issue immediately dial Avast customer support number!

Steps to Activate

  • Open the installed antivirus
  • Open Settings
  • Now, click the Subscription tab
  • You may be asked to enter the Avast keycode
  • Provide the same carefully
  • Activate your product
  • Your PC is now protected!

While activating your antivirus, you may find trouble. In such an event, pick up your phone and dial Avast helpline number for an instant resolution.

Possible Errors You May Face

Every antivirus by this well-renowned company is designed and developed by experienced professionals; still, there are chances that you may encounter several errors with it. In such an event, simply reach out for Avast customer care number and get the solution for the following errors:

  • Avast Antivirus download, installation, un-installation, re-installation, activation, and update errors
  • Software conflict errors associated with your antivirus
  • Avast Antivirus compatibility errors with your Windows or Mac OS
  • Avast antivirus affecting the performance of your device
  • Account, login, billing, and subscription renewal
  • Avast antivirus invalid product key issue
  • Unable to find antivirus product key
  • Avast antivirus error code 1068
  • Account password recovery error
  • Unable to transfer your antivirus to another device
  • Avast antivirus mobile security related issues and more

How to contact Avast Customer Service Number?

Being one of the renowned antivirus and security solution providers, Avast offers quick and round-the-clock customer support services to help its customers deal with all the issues they face with the Avast antivirus. To get the support from the experts, all you need to do is dial Avast helpline number. A technician will immediately respond to your call and provide you the best solution for the error you are encountering. The team has years of experience in dealing with the issues, like unable to create your account, unable to sign in to your account and more. Why let your PC unprotected when a single call to Avast online support number can troubleshoot all the errors!

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