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lexmark printer supportIn recent days, everybody uses hard copies of documents for different purposes whether it is personal or professional. Considering the invention of printers to be a boon, it has made works much easier. Traditional methods of advertising and saving information have now transformed entirely. From writing/ typing to printing, the technology and people's demand has always grown. To full-fill integrated requirements, Lexmark printers have come up with all-advanced features to deliver work for the most part. Not only the brands' printing devices give out seamless results but Lexmark Printer Customer Support is reliable as well. Providing 24*7 favorable services, this American organization performs end-to-end requirements.
Regardless of the type of your need, Lexmark printers are right choice for commercial, business, educational or personal use. Executing high definition images and quick response rates, the brand of printing device has become one of the widely used printers. Manufactured by keeping user's easy on the priority, Lexmark printers provide a user-friendly interface for performing any action on the printer.
However, for the first-time users, it could be a bit tricky to understand symbols and for that reason, there is all-time available Lexmark Printer Toll-Free Number to call on and get support. Covering a wide verity of the printing device, the company designs Lexmark Laser printers, color laser printers, Multifunction Color Laser, Multifunction Mono Laser, dot-matrix, and others types printers that vary in functions and features. To deliver any command to the printing device, the initial and essential step is to install the device on your computer and connect it. People often encounter troubles while installing the Printer Driver on their system. Following these instructions step by step will help you to install Lexmark Printer Driver and connect the printer to your PC:

How to install the printer software on your PC?

You can install the Printer Drive using the hard disk that you have received with the printer or you can also find the software online from Lexmark page. Find the procedure to install printer software using CD:

  1. Before you start to install the drive, close all the running app or software on your Computer.
  2. Insert the disk and wait till it is loading.
  3. Double Click on the icon of Lexmark Series CD (Lexmark number Series CD e.g. Lexmark 810). A dialogue box will appear to install the software.
  4. On the dialogue, there are install and Help installer options, Double-click on the install icon.
  5. When directed to next step, click on the OK button and complete the authentication notice.
  6. Follow the instruction that will pop-up on the window.
    • (Note: To get help with the passphrase, press Help option or connect with Lexmark Printer Customer Support
  7. Read and mark agree to the License Agreement Guide.
  8. In the next step, select your preferred language and click OK and continue.
  9. Proceed further by clicking on ‘agree or continue’ option.
  10. When prompted, choose a location to save the files and click on Continue.
  11. Click Install and proceed.

Post-installation process

  1. In case your language is not sustained, choose any other language in which the software will be installed and go on to the next step.
  2. Select your country or one which is closest to you from the drop down and click on Continue.
  3. Wait for the software to install completely and connect to the internet to register your printer.
  4. A confirmation pop-up will appear to notify about the software installation. Click OK and follow the next step.

Install printer software Online:

  1. Open your web browser and visit the official site.
  2. On the menu section of the Home page, find the Drivers & Download.
  3. Select the printer model and its respective driver for your operating system.
  4. Follow the instructions displaying on the screen to download and install the Lexmark printer driver.

Offering wireless connectivity options, these printers have lessened the mess and stress of managing the device or delivering the command in any case. Though this high-end feature has been added to reduce efforts, it sometimes troubles users to make the connection properly. If you are facing any trouble while performing wireless connection to your Lexmark printer model, fix it with the guidance of expert technicians by calling on Lexmark Printer Toll-Free Number. You can also revamp wireless connection error to your Lexmark printer by following these steps:

How to connect Lexmark wireless printer?

Before you install the printer or connect it wireless networks make sure you meet these criteria below:

  1. Your network should have strong signal strength.
  2. The PC should be connected to the same wireless network with which you will set up your printer.

Now follow these steps to setup the connection to your printer:

  1. Affix the power cable to the printer and make sure the power continues and the voltage supply is accurate and switches on the printer.
  2. Insert the driver CD in your PC and install the software by referring to the instruction to install printer software mentioned above.
  3. When asked for Connection Type, select Wireless Connection.
  4. A configuration dialogue box will appear, choose ‘Guided Set’ from the options.
    • (If you want to customize your installations and settings, choose for Advanced Setup option)
  5. Connect a USB cable to link your computer (connected the wireless network) and the printer.
  6. Once the printer configures the software will direct you to disconnect the USB cable for a short time so you can print wirelessly.
  7. Now, follow the instruction showing up on your computer’s screen.

Once it is done, try to pass a print command to your printer to make sure if it is connected successfully or not or how is it responding to your order. If there occurs any error or you encounter any other trouble while performing any of the steps of installing Lexmark printer driver or connect it to a wireless network, reach out for assistance by dialing Lexmark Printer Toll-Free Number.

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