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dell laptop supportDell laptops have been ranked among top 3 best laptops chosen by people across the globe. With all innovative features that have been integrated for better performance of the laptops, they are made compact for easy-to-carry purpose. Providing features like quick response rate (depending upon the operating system installed in the laptop), fast processors, storage space, and much more, these laptops come in an array of models with their own set of assets. Besides all technical traits, this international laptop and desktop brand also offers best in category customer support.
But with all these high-end features and services, the laptop still sometime faces technical errors whether it is related with any hardware device or an application installed in the laptop. Because many software/ applications have an effect on the potential of a device by consuming more space and power to run, and hence affect the laptop in different ways. There is a list of laptop errors that are hard to detect but as soon as you come across an error, you can get assistance for 24*7 available services by calling on Dell laptop toll-free number. Below is the list of errors or glitches that has been noted:

Check for these Dell Laptop Errors:

  • Diagnostics error 2000:0142- Hard Disk failure
  • BIOS ROM Checksum Error
  • No RAM detected/ No memory detected
  • Keyboard controller test failure
  • System/ motherboard board failure
  • Battery Failure- Real-time clock power fail
  • Video BIOS test error
  • Failure in processor- CPU Cache test error
  • LCD failure- Blacking out of screen
  • Gate A20 failure
  • CPU - machine check omission detected
  • Super I/O chip error

Errors in Dell laptops usually generate a sequential beep sounds to convey the any particular error that your laptops is encountering. All these errors and failures can be fixed by taking an instance from Dell Laptop Customer Support by making a call on Dell laptop toll-free Number. As you laptop generates beep noise while you turn it on, note the pattern and the number of sound produced and you can fix the error just by following troubleshooting steps assisted by Dell customer support.
When your laptop switches on, it initially go through a set of diagnostic assessment to check for every crucial component if they perform in the approved manner or not. When any failure occurs, it is then notified to the user via beep codes, light codes, or POST codes (Power on Self Test).
Many users also face trouble while installing new operating system on Dell laptops but there is no such complication if you do it manually. Also, it is possible that the installation is getting some kind of unknown halt caused by hard drive failure. In such case, reach out for technical help directly from Dell Laptop Customer Support. Once you fix the drive failure, you can proceed to follow the instructions that are given below on how to install Operating System on your laptop.

How to install Operating System on your laptop?

  • Insert the Windows Version disk into your Dell laptop and restart it. When the screen turns on, press the E12 key constantly until the message of Please ‘Select Boot Device’ menu appears.
  • Select your disk type (CD/DVD/CD-RW) and press enter. The Windows Version Setup will appear (Windows 7, 8.1, 10 etc.).
  • Select your preferred language, time and other format, and click OK.
  • When prompted, select Install Now and a Product Key box will appear.
  • Enter your product key carefully and click next.
  • Read and accept the license Agreement displayed on the screen and mark on the checkbox at the bottom of the dialogue box and click Accept to proceed.
  • When prompted, to add the type of installation you want, select Custom: Install Windows only.
  • Click on the Apply (if you have deleted any amount of data from your device) to create new Windows partitions and click on the Next button.
  • Now, Windows will be freshly installed on your Dell Laptop
  • The installation usually takes some time and might also restart several times during the process
  • On the Installation of Windows Operation System installed on your Dell laptop, it will boot up at first time.

After the operating system is installed, your laptop is ready to use. If you face any error related to your Dell laptop, get instant help via Dell Laptop Customer Support.

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