Top three cybersecurity offerings from Webroot in the early 2017

During 2016, cybercrime attack and risks were done for the reason of theft, ransom, propaganda, identity scams and extortion. It has been expected that a cybersecurity find these rends ideal for business, but it’s opposite. We are living in the era of 21st century, where people are completely dependent on gadgets and technology that is not only making the users life easy but also bringing threats with it such as cyber crime. On one hand where users are taking advantages of these technologies, there are several who are taking disadvantage of it and they are named as cybercriminals. Trusting the cybersecurity field has become impossible nowadays, in fact trusting to the core of cybersecurity providers is just a strategy. But in the year 2017, we plan Webroot is offering threat intelligence and cloud-based security platform to help the user deal with the internet threats and cyber crime. Let’s have a look on what Webroot has in its store.

Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection: With the commencement of the year, Webroot offered an all new Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection service. Businesses have enhanced peace of mind, visibility and control by redirecting the users’ internet traffic at Webroot DNS cloud. Web requests are checked appropriately in the real time in order to ensure that they are not connected with any malware threat or visiting risky sites and to a control or command server. The Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection keeps an eye on the IP range and IP address to catch the culprit if any crime occurs. This helps in reducing the chances of web risks and allows the user to work freely and productively.

Webroot FlowScape®: It detects the threat early by analyzing the traffic entering in your network through both internet as well as the network connected devices. With the use of unsupervised and supervised machine, learning and behavioral analytics Webroot FlowScape® reveals the threats and network irregularities and protect from the threats to enter into the network. This FlowScape service is specifically designed for IT security professionals and MSSPs who needs to identify the risks within the network.

Webroot BrightCloud® Streaming Malware Detection: To offer polymorphic malware protection Webroot is releasing Webroot BrightCloud® Streaming Malware Detection, detects malicious files from the network that too without downloading and causing unnecessary network delay. Streaming Malware Detection is specially designed to detect and remove the malicious files before entering into the network.

Well this is just the beginning 2017 will surely bring new security challenges and with these new solutions and other innovations on the Webroot drawing board, it is bringing safety, trust and security for the users.

Author’s Biography: From past several years Maria Silvia is working with Help Number as a Sr. Technician. Her knowledge and skills enabled the company to achieve new heights. Besides, she also writes some articles to aware the readers about the new technology and changes. She focus towards several Webroot keywords such as Webroot Support, Webroot Technical Support and Webroot Customer Support.

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