Microsoft says Microsoft Edge is more secure web browser: Is it really true?

Does Microsoft Edge safer than Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome is the most lawful question that we need to discuss about. Though from quite some time Microsoft has been calming it, yet no such proof has come in front from company’s side for this claim.

Using Windows 10 can have possibly stumbled upon the ads designed within the OS that are designed to show Microsoft services and products. Microsoft doesn’t directly claim that Edge is safer than Firefox and Chrome whereas the company has gone through the data provided by NSS Labs, a business that is involved in selling threat intelligence and other security related services and products.

Microsoft Edge, the most secure web browser

The NSS Labs has tested somewhere around 304 SEM (Socially Engineered Malware) examples with phishing pages when they found that Microsoft Edge’s SmartScreen feature has the ability to block 99% of SEM where as popular web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox blocks 85.5% and 78.3% respectively.

How does SmartScreen works?

Software giant first introduced Microsoft SmartScreen feature in famous web browser Internet Explorer 7 as “Phishing Filter”. Since then, Microsoft continuously improving the service until the name was changed like what we know it as today. It’s true that both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have the same features but when compared with Microsoft edge they fall short.

One should not forget that SmartScreen is just a minor part of Microsoft Edge security, thus one cannot completely rely upon as the major protection against threats. Hence, it is suggested to take the advantages of antivirus protection.

What is Sandboxing?

Sandboxing is yet another security feature available in web browsers. Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge uses implements the sandbox technology whereas Mozilla Firefox does not have this feature. Sandbox feature is just a media plugins for Firefox as Mozilla finds another way and from past 13 years it provide sandbox technology support as extensions.

You see, the sandbox feature is there for Firefox, but only for media plugins. This is because Mozilla must find a way to have its sandbox technology support up to 13-years of extensions, and that’s no easy feat. Microsoft Edge and Chrome began life with the sandbox feature, so every extension supports it. It has been noted that sandbox feature is the only reason of Chrome using more RAM than Firefox whereas Microsoft has found out a way to stop Edge consuming more RAM when the sandbox feature is active. It is only ideal for Windows 10 users.

Privacy Protection: As we all know that every browser supports a form of privacy protection. When user launches a privacy window the browser fails to collect the history data, so that nothing’s left behind. We have Private Browsing in Firefox, Incognito in Chrome and InPrivate in Edge. However, browsing with the privacy window activation does not protect the web browsers from getting hacked.

The question arises here, Does Microsoft Edge best Web browser for better Security?

If compared with today’s time, then yes it is, but with the changing technology one cannot predict the future. Mozilla and Google do not allow Microsoft to stay on top with Edge, and both the companies will break their back to bring new security features and improve their respective web browsers.

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