Microsoft Desires to Connect Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

Microsoft Talking to Sony About Cross-Play Support

Great news for gamers! Microsoft confirms that it is talking to Sony for cross-play support between Xbox One and PlayStation 4! This news has been confirmed by Microsoft marketing manager, Aaron Greenberg. He told to Gamereactor, Europe’s largest gaming magazine and gaming site that the Microsoft is “absolutely” in discussion with Sony for this cross-play support, but Sony won’t allow it.

Microsoft Desires to Connect Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

Back at E3, Microsoft declared cross-play support for Minecraft between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Aaron Greenberg also said that “we do partner with Sony on Minecraft and we would like to make them agree to be part of that; one community to unite gamers. We are hopeful that Sony will support this”.

In March 2016, Microsoft announced that it was open to connect its Xbox One to other gaming networks to make things awesome for the gamers. Sony also suggested that it was open to it, but it is yet to happen. While Jim Ryan, Sony’s PlayStation executive said that they are reluctant to do so because of the safety of its users. If Sony allows for this cross-play support, they would not be able to have the full access as well as control on their PS4. This may put its users, mainly children, at risk.

On this, Microsoft’s Xbox boss, Phil Spencer said that Ryan has raised an issue with his statement that Microsoft doesn’t do enough for the security of its users. He added that “I would love for players on different platforms to stay connected” with this cross-play support. Spencer said that somebody has just made an assumption that we are not keeping Minecraft players safe. The dialogue is unhealthy from Microsoft as well as an industry perspective. By embedding the parental controls as well as other security features, we have already done this job. This clearly indicates that the security and safety of our users is incredibly important to us as a reputed platform.

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