How to Get the Windows 10 Technical Support

Windows 10 is the latest OS installment from the software giant Microsoft. Many new updates and enhancements have been added to Windows 10 making it better than all its other predecessors. But, Windows 10 is an OS and no matter how well robust an OS is, the users may still run into some issues from time to time. Thankfully, Windows 10 Customer  Support is available in many forms. You can contact Microsoft directly through the support app that has been built into this OS. You can call Microsoft’s toll free number for tech support. You can chat with them online by visiting their website.

You don’t always need to call the tech support for help though. You can find lots of Windows 10 Technical Support on the web as well. There are several forums where the users post their issues and are given resolutions by the other users. There are plenty of tutorials as well in the form of videos on YouTube or blogs.

Getting Help using the Windows 10 Contact Support App 

Honestly, it would not be a good idea to contact Microsoft through the app for every minor issue. There is no point wasting your time on something which can be resolved by simply looking up on Google. But, there are some users who are more comfortable hearing the solution out from the horse’s mouth itself than from any third party source.

You can get in touch with Microsoft easily for Windows 10 Customer Support using the Contact Support app. To find this app on your computer, simply search with the phrase ‘Contact Support’ using the search box. All it will take is a few clicks to get connected to the support team.

When you launch the Contact Support app you will see three options:

  1. Setting up
  2. Technical Support
  3. Protecting my PC

As you may have already guessed, you will need to choose option number 2, Technical support for any technical help

Sometimes the waiting time may be too long (and it will be displayed on the screen.) If you don’t want to wait, you can schedule a call and someone from Windows 10 Technical Support team will ring you back.

Reasons to call the tech support 

Whether you have a general inquiry or you are experiencing any issue with Windows 10, you can always contact the tech support team. Here are some of the most common issues or inquiries people contact the tech support for:

  • How to buy Windows 10 or how to upgrade to it
  • How to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows XP
  • Cortana is not available in my region; how to fix it
  • I don’t like Windows 10; How to downgrade to an older version
  • How to install and use Edge browser on Windows 10
  • How can I hide the admin account
  • How to get rid of the nag messages on Windows 10

Microsoft’s native technical support team is pretty knowledgeable and they resolve all your issues quite effectively.

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