How to Fix Dell Laptop Error Code 0142

Error code 0142 in Dell Laptop indicates that your laptop’s hard drive has been failed. If hard drive is not responding properly, crashed, unable to detect all storage and saves no data, then it needs to get repaired using either diagnostic tools or take the Dell Laptop technical support help. Don’t you want the online technical support help, then follow the below mentioned steps that does not charge any extra fee.

Windows Disk Installation on Dell Laptop: When 0142 error code appears in your laptop and PC then install Windows 7, Vista or XP and boot your device. To boot them promptly, appropriately configure the BIOS, DVD and CD settings. To recover the hard drive data the process of restarting the system will automatically takes place whenever you will try to insert the Windows into your PC or laptop. To start the laptop through DVD/CD drive then it is necessary to select any option. Afterwards, to start the recovery console press the ‘V’ button when system screen manifest welcome to setup. From various options in from of you like multiple boot, dual boot and much more, select the installation option to access your recovery console easily. Once the entire recovery console setup is completed type the administrator password. Contact the online dell technical support if required.

Start the Windows in Safe Mode: If your laptop is unable to start in normal mode then start it in the safe mode and restart your system carefully. Even after processing several of technical functionalities still unable to get rid of the issues then take dell support who are available for you 24*7.

Online Dell Technical Professionals Assistance: Even after applying these steps if you are not able to understand the real problem then take the help of certified technicians. Various companies are providing dell technical support that will help you appropriately with 0142 error code. Take the help of the best company who is well known for its reliability.

Error codes in laptops and computers are common and many a times can be resolved by the user of his own; little bit of technical knowledge and he will resolve the technical error by his own. But if the error occurred several times, then it is suggested to take the online dell support assistance. Certified technicians will help resolving the issues faced by the users and provide them prompt help.

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