How to Enable, Disable or Delete Microsoft Outlook add-ins

Add-ins is installed to add latest and compatible commands in the programs of your computer. Most add-ins are designed to enhance your efficiency, productivity and therefore found to be useful but some of them are obsolete and might cause chaos in your computer, thus sounds useless. Moreover, outdated add-ins can increase the compatibility problems and also results in deadlock situation. Numerous add-ins get installed and registered automatically, with every installation of your Microsoft office or some other software on your computer. However, keeping all may not be necessarily useful.

This blog shows, how Microsoft Outlook add-ins be enabled, Delete or disabled.

Allow or disable add-ins of Microsoft Outlook

Outlook 2016/2013/2010 users can view outlook add-ins; Hit on the red colored Windows Store icon that appears when your Outlook desktop client is opened.

To install the add-ins pop-up in the Outlook, restart Microsoft Outlook after placing the slider on “On position” whereas several times to start the installation click on “Get it button” that appears in place of slider. Once the process is done restart the outlook.

Delete Outlook Add-ins

Choose the Add-ins from your Outlook Desktop Client’s left panel. On doing this,a new pop-up appears in front of you that allow you see and manage all your previously installed add-ins by making all the add-ins visible to you.

As soon as, you select the add-in that you wish to Delete, a little window appears as a pop-up. Click Remove button, if it seems useless.

To generate further more functionality, several add-ins are brought by Microsoft Outlook and a list comprising millions of Outlook add-ins will be provided to you by internet too on just a search made by you. Though, all of them are not found to be helpful and functional. The guidance for the use of best and free Outlook add-ins will be provided in this article.

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