How to Customize MS Outlook Print Styles?

MS Outlook is an integral part of MS Office Suite that is mainly used as an email application. But it also includes other exciting features such as task manager, note taking, contact manager and more. Keeping in view the different tastes of the consumers, MS Outlook has come up with a feature to manage and customize print styles without any hassle. A user can choose from the six print styles mentioned below:

  1. Weekly Calendar Style
  2. Monthly Style
  3. Daily Style
  4. Weekly Agenda Style
  5. Calendar Details
  6. Trifold Style

The first two styles will print your calendar without details. Daily Style helps you print a calendar with one print per day. However, if you want to print your appointments and meetings along with the detail, you can choose Weekly Agenda Style or Calendar Details Style. The last but not the least, Trifold Style enables the user to print your daily schedule in the first pane, placing your task list and your current week’s calendar in the second and the third pane, respectively.

The page setup dialogue will help you mention the format of calendar like font style and layout. Also, there is an option “Hide Details of Private Appointments” for those private appointments that you don’t want to get printed. All you have to do is follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to the Print Menu
  • Click on the “Calendar” listed in the bottom navigation bar and open the calendar you want to print
  • Now, choose a Print Style from the setting box of the Print menu
  • Open Page Setup listed under Print Options to open the Page Setup dialogue box. Now, click the Define Styles to check the Define Style configuration.
  • Customize in the print style box, then click Edit button to open the page setup dialogue for your calendar
  • You will get to see the current print style name in the Style Name Field
  • You can also configure additional print settings with Format, Header/Footer tabs and Paper tab
  • Select a custom font by clicking the Font on the Format tab of the page setup dialogue box
  • Customize the layout for your particular style. For example, you can select two pages/month to divide a monthly calendar across two pages
  • To include an area for notes, check Notes Area boxes
  • For printing only workdays, select Only Print Workdays
  • Here, you can also find an option for hiding details of your private appointments

The article provides you a step-by-step procedure to customize the print styles in Outlook. If you still have any doubt, you can contact the Microsoft support.

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