How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Error “Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded”?

In any of the case, you might observe any of the Microsoft Outlook error message popping up on your screen – Cannot start Microsoft Outlook, Cannot open the Outlook window, Invalid XML- the view cannot be loaded, etc.

Try to open Outlook in safe mode and if this does not fix the problem and the error message still appears, try executing these troubleshooting steps or reach out to Outlook Customer Support for easy assistance.

Steps to resolve Microsoft Outlook Error- Invalid XML, the view cannot be loaded:

Method 1: Start Outlook in safe mode

  1. Click on start button and type Run in the search box
  2. Type command Outlook /safe and click OK
  3. Accept Outlook default setting and choose OK from the profile dialogue box
  4. You will be directed to the next page and here you will be required to type in your password and choose accept


  • How will you diagnose you are working in Safe Mode? – You will see the same label on the top and at the bottom of the screen.
  • The label on the top of the window will show the name of the user who hold Outlook account and identifies that outlook is running in the safe mode.
  • The software will alert you about the program that is not running normally and the Outlook icon will show a caution symbol icon on the taskbar.

In case your Outlook does not start in safe mode, the program is likely to line up with one of your add-ins. Try disabling all the add-ins before you restart Outlook and if the method mention above doesn’t work, opt to perform the other method.

Method 2: Run Command

  1. Click on Windows icon on the Taskbar
  2. In the search box, type run and open it or simply press Windows +R key all together
  3. When the Run dialogue box appears, copy-paste or type the command (make sure you include the space if you type the command)- Outlook.exe /ResetNavPane
  4. Outlook Startup window will appear, click on Next button and follow instruction showing on your screen

Running the command will help removing and regenerating navigation window for the current profile of Outlook. Make sure that you remove all the shortcuts and folders from the Navigation window. If you fail to fix the problem even by following these instructions, attempt to reinstall Outlook. Connect with Outlook Support and receive simplified instructions from experts.

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