Does it possible to get Windows 10 Creators Update on the first day i.e. 11th April?

All our Windows users are expecting to get the Windows 10 update by 11th of April as announced by our Windows 10 Creators, does not mean you will get it on the same day.

Microsoft has officially announced the Windows 10 Creators Update on 11th April 2017 for different operating systems such as desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets and others. It has been expected that the Windows Phones users will receive the update on 25th April 2017 whereas Xbox One users can immediately catch the update.

Its true that the third version of  Windows 10 comes with some biggest updates, though no such visual changes have done still some of the changes in the features like Start Menu, New 3D support including mixed reality, a largely improved Cortana, setting apps improvements and also the main security improvements has been made.

What all devices to first manifest the Creators Update on April 11?

More than millions of devices aim for the new version all over the world but the drastic question arises: “Does all the versions manifest the Creators Update on April 11’’?

The simple answer to this question is “Perhaps’’ because as announced the new version of Windows 10 will be available from the starting of April 11th , whereas it does not mean that the update will be provided to everyone on the same day, as some of the important factors needs to be considered before it.

Some of the selected devices will show the update first as it is a gradual release:

Firstly the devices such as newer laptops, desktop PCs, tablets who have been checked to perform with the updated version and including devices with window 10 and also surface PCs to put up the excellent update experience. After that looking on result/feedback of this phase, other devices will be provided with the update by Microsoft.

Customer’s response, model of the device, compatible hardware, software installation uncertainty and the OS obtaining path are some of the reasons for getting the update postponed.

Moreover, devices in large number will try downloading the update on the very first day. Keeping this in mind providing enough bandwidth and contacting updated servers is probably a great challenge for Microsoft.

Some ways to obtained creators update immediately, on the day one:

Creators update can be installed immediately by the following ways if you are eager to get the update on the very first day.

To reach the new version by skipping the queue the Update Assistant (a small tool can be used by anyone configured to wedge/pull/drive update for a feature) can be used, if you are windows 10 home or windows 10 pro users.

Furthermore, an identical windows update process which is a simple way to perform pulled up-gradation provided by Microsoft is Media Creation Tool which also has features to keep your settings, apps and files integral and is well known for clean installation of Windows 10. On the other hand your personal files need to restore and your settings and apps needs to be reconfigure and reinstall from backup.

Binding all information:

Finally, even after the creators update, this is a still a drastic challenge for Microsoft to provide the update to each and every devices all over the world.

If you are the one making plans to update on the very first day or you can’t wait, don’t panic and don’t forget the company’s slow rollout process, keep calm you will get it soon.

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