Comcast offering gigabit internet speed in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh customers can now access one gigabit internet speed, announced Comcast. Enter the world of “one gigabit per second internet service,” says Comcast Xfinity V.P. of Communications Bob Grove. He said that the internet speed will be around 5X faster than Comcast’s current fastest plan, which is offering up to 200 megabits per second. This gigabit speed would help the consumers connect multiple devices to the internet and stream games, movies and other stuff simultaneously.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto appreciated the arrival of gigabit internet service to the advent of the railroads. He said in a statement released by Comcast that “I am thrilled that Pittsburgh is now a gig city. Just like cities grew by being railroad hubs in the 19th century, they will grow by having ultra-fast internet connectivity in this century”.

Upload speed will be 35 megabits/second and the download speed will be up to a gigabit/second, which means you can download an audio album in 2 seconds, a particular TV series episode in 4 seconds, and an HD movie in 40 seconds, respectively. Bob Grove, V.P. of Communications at Comcast Xfinity said that we are able to deploy this internet speed in all parts of Pittsburgh area as there is no construction needed for it. All you need to have is a modem for us as it uses the wiring you have in your home.

So, customers in Pittsburgh will have access to this high-speed internet service from Monday, whereas customers in Washington country, the North hills and the Mon Valley will have to wait for another two or three weeks to have full access of it. However, customers in Beaver Country’s Beaver Falls, Midland, New Brighton and other selected areas will have access to gigabit from Monday. On the other hand, folks in the rest of Beaver Country will have it by the end of 2017.

Customers can easily upgrade to gigabit-speed internet by paying a promotional price of $79.99/month for 12 months. After a year, the price will be $104.95 per month. To handle this faster speed, customers have to get a new modem. You may also need a new wireless router and other devices that are capable of dealing with the gigabit speed. The higher internet speed service is also available for business customers.

Comcast started launching gigabit-speed internet service in the year 2016. The company offered it in Philadelphia, State College, Lancaster and Harrisburg. Verizon, a Comcast competitor, began providing the same gigabit-speed through its FIOS internet service in April in few Pittsburgh areas. The company Comcast is expecting a broad launch by the end of 2017.

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