Avast Security Pro For Mac Version 9

Avast Antivirus is one of the internet security applications developed by Avast Software for various platforms such as Windows, Android and macOS. It includes free products that offer a number of services such as computer security, browser security, antivirus software firewall, anti-phishing, anti-spyware and anti-spam. It is one of the most popular antiviruses that hold a large market share.

Avast Antivirus Security

Avast has recently launched a new antivirus product for mac version 9, which is available for free. In the below mention information, I am going to tell about its key features that makes it different from the previous versions. Its key features are as follows:

Pricing and OS Support:

It supports macOS versions back to 10.9 Mavericks, offering full protection against the threats freely. Avast Secure Pro costs $59.99 per year for one license or $69.99 for three licenses. For non-commercial purpose, the free edition can be used but for business purpose, you have to purchase a paid one.

Good Malware Protection Scores:

On comparing the product with various other antiviruses in labs, it scored 99.9% protection against the Mac malware, which makes it better from all of the Avast Security products. Though some of the products were good when used for Windows but they do not support Mac.

Scan Choices:

Avast Security offers a number of scans to improve the security of Mac. It has been proved to be quite speedy than other products, as it completes the scanning in 14 minutes while Avira takes 18 minutes, and on an average the 24 minutes is the time span required by other products for full scan. Users can easily schedule a scan on daily weekly or monthly time spans, if desired.

Network Security Scan:

Avast antivirus Security includes a number of scans for securing the system against the threats. In the final scan, it collects the information related to the devices on the network and flags the problems of security.

Basic Password Manager:

Like the Avast’s Windows antivirus, this product has a feature of managing the passwords but it’s a different app for macOS while for Windows it was included in the antivirus itself. Regardless of the number of devices, one can sync any number of devices. It doesn’t keep the password in cloud instead it utilizes the authorized account for storing the local data on the devices.

Although it has a number of pros but there are some points that you need to keep in mind to avoid the following:

Phishing Protection:

This free edition scores poorly in offering a protection against the phishing. Thus phishing attacks can hit the platform easily.


AV comparatives certified Avast Antivirus Security to be an effective Mac antivirus offering a network scanner and password manager as its additional key features. It has better performance in terms of scanning, speed and security.

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